Sunday, 26 February 2012

Alfred Hitchcock Presents... There Was an Old Woman

Director: Robert Stevenson
Year Of Release: 1956
Character: Frank Bramwell
Also Starring: Estelle Winwood, Norma Crane & Dabbs Greer
Age During Shoot: 35
Bronson Death Count: 0
Length: 30 minutes
Episode Rating: 7/10
Bronson Rating: 8/10

Mrs Laughton is a lonely & delusional women who spends her time planning imaginary funerals. Mrs Laughton also happens to be very rich. When Frank and Lorna Bramwell overhear a conversation with the local milkman regarding Mrs Laughton's wealth they decide to rob the old lady for all she is worth, however Mrs Laughton isn't quite as daft as she first seems.

'There Was an Old Women' is the second of three epsiodes of the popular TV program 'Alfred Hitchcock Presents' that Charles Bronson starred in. Bronson is brilliant as the hungry & desperate Frank Bramwell who will stop at nothing to get what he wants. He clearly can see that Mrs Laughton is not the full picture and even plays along with her imaginary scenarios in order to get what he wants, her wealth. Estelle Winwood is fantastic as the eccentric old lady however Norma Crane as Bronson's partner in crime has the tendency to overact at times however on the whole the performances are all good. However it's the twist at the very end of the episode which gives this piece it's weight however I will not spoil that for you so you better watch it for yourself to find out what happens.

This is a much stronger and rounded episode then 'And So Died Riabouchinska' which didn't suit the short format of the show. However There Was An Old Woman lends itself perfectly to the half hour format & is well worth seeing if only to see Bronson play a cold hearted evil con man who has absolutely no problem with robbing a fragile old lady.

Click below to watch this episode.

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