Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Death Wish III Game

Game packaging. Back when games came on Cassette

Given the popularity of Charles Bronson & the success of The Death Wish franchise in the mid 80's it came as no surprise that Bronson would star in his very own video game. Death Wish 3 the game was released in 1987 by Gremlin Graphics Software Ltd & was released on the Spectrum Sinclair, Amstrad CPC & Commadore 64 systems. It retailed for a modest £7.99 in the U.K.
Unfortunately back in those days film tie-ins were often rushed out without a great deal of detail or care put into the game itself. The publishers would gain the rights to use the film tie-in and then want to release the game as soon as possible to make as much cash as quickly as they could.
Death Wish 3 is no exception to this rule. Whilst the graphics for it's time are pretty sharp the gameplay even back in 1987 left little to the imagination. Walking around blasting bad guys away constantly with no variation meant the game would become tedious & dull very quickly.
Still for us mere mortals this is the closest you'll probably ever get to being Charles Bronson!

For far too long, ruthless and merciless gangs have terrorised the streets.
Muggings and robberies have become commonplace and the police seem powerless
against the underworld. So, when the Chief of Police turns a blind eye, you
take over where the law left off...
You play CHARLES BRONSON'S leading role of street vigilante Paul Kersey, New
York's own unique brand of Justice Fighter, and you are out to rid the city
of the punks and creeps who infest the streets.
Having received a distress call from an old friend, you venture to New York,
scouring the streets and buildings for the villains and the vermin,
eliminating them as you go. The police help out where they can, but your
driving force is the belief that the safety of decent New York citizens is in
your hands.
It's not going to be easy - locals can get caught up in the action, but
luckily medics are on hand to tend to the wounded. Remember too that the cops
are on your side - shoot too many by mistake and you will find them far less
than friendly. Punks and creeps are easily identified, but the notorious gang
leaders, lolling around behind their desks are your prime targets.

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