Tuesday, 28 February 2012

The Twilight Zone: 'Two'

AKA Bronson as The Last Man On Earth

In 1961 Charles Bronson starred in an episode of the popular sci-fi television series 'The Twilight Zone'. In this episode entitled 'Two' Bronson's character is known simply as 'The Man' & plays a lonely soldier living in a apocalyptic torn apart by war.

'The Man' stumbles across 'The woman' played by Elizabeth Montgomery best known as Samantha Stephens in the T.V show 'Bewitched' who is dressed in a different military uniform to that of Bronson's character. Recognising Bronson as an enemy she attacks him by throwing bottles, pans & whatever is in her reach at him. They wrestle to the ground & eventually Bronson knocks her out with a punch.
  'The Man' examines a calendar with a woman in a swimsuit on the wall, turns to look back at his opponent and realises that he desires human companionship more than he wants to continue a now-pointless conflict. He awakes the Woman and explains that there is no more war, that there is no point in fighting anymore but will the woman be able to trust him?

'Two' is very reminiscent of 'The Last Man On Earth' with Vincent Price which was then remade as The Omega Man in the 70's with Charlton Heston & then again as 'I Am Legend' with Will Smith in the 00's. The story is basically about trust. Can the woman trust someone who was once an enemy?

The Twilight Zone was a huge show back in the early 60's so must of been a great gig for Bronson to gain further exposure in his career. Bronson gives a decent performance considering the little amount of dialogue he had in this episode.

 Episode: Series 3, Episode 1
 Director: Peter Collinson
 Year Of Release: 1961
 Character: 'The Man'
 Also Starring: Elizabeth Montgomery
 Age During Shoot: 40
 Bronson Death Count: 0
 Length: 25 Minutes
 Film Rating:  6.5/10
 Bronson Rating: 6.5/10

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