Sunday, 26 February 2012

Charles Bronson's Death Count

With each Movie or T.V episode I watch I shall be noting just how many lives Charles Bronson takes each time around. Obviously not every Bronson movie features him ending lives though many include high body counts.
Often in war pictures with multiple weapons firing at once it's sometimes hard to know exactly who to give the credit to on occasions these will be rough estimates. They will be displayed with a question mark next to the total of kills.

Body Count - Character - Film   

12? as Josh Corey in You Can't Win 'Em All
7 as Chato in Chato's Land
2 as Joe Martin in Cold Sweat
1 as Ray Bardon in The Woman Who Wanted To Live
0 as Frank Bramwell in There Was An Old Woman
0 as Del Krovitch in And So Died Riabouchinska

0 as John Strock in Masters Of The World

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