Sunday, 26 February 2012

Alfred Hitchcock Presents... The Woman Who Wanted To Live

Director: Alan Crosland Jr.
Year Of Release: 1962
Character: Ray Bardon
Also Starring: Lola Albright
Age During Shoot: 41
Bronson Death Count: 1
Length: 30 minutes
Episode Rating: 6/10
Bronson Rating: 6/10

After starring in two episodes of 'Alfred Hitchcock Presents' in 1956 Charles Bronson returned six years later for his third and final appearence on the show. In this episode Bronson plays Ray Bardon, an escaped convict who robs a gas station and kills the attendant and escapes by hijacking a car with it's female passenger Nina played by Lola Albright.

Whilst not a classic Bronson performance this is the only of the three episodes where he gets to show off any kind of physical action when a gang dressed in leather jackets try to attack Nina whilst Bronson is sleeping. Charlie awakes & is confronted by the leader of the gang who is swinging a huge chain as a weapon. Bronson knocks him to the ground easily & pulls out his gun to force the gang to flee quickly. The rest of the episode involves a tired Bronson who bit by bit gains the trust of Nina as he needs to get as far away as possible from the police. However, perhaps Bronson should have questioned just why Nina was so willing to help him out in the first place.

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